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#1 8 years ago

Hello All,

We are recruiting new members, for our US and Euro Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, COD4, COD: Black Ops and BF:BC2 server.

We have different servers based on different settings of Marty allowed, No Marty allowed, Hardcore, Regular COD4, etc.

Our website link: Home | Fearless Assassins

Our forums link: =F|A= Forums

Our server Info's: Fearless Assassins Online Gaming Servers Info - =F|A= Forums

Our Roster: Fearless Assassins Roster

If you are interested to join us, post an application on our forum. You can login on our forums using your facebook or twitter account.

We also provide servers at Euro location, if you are looking to host your own servers.

If you are moder and would like to help in modding and coding, feel free to join our coding forums also.