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#1 12 years ago

Number1Clan recruiting.

Our site : #1 Clan - Welcome!

Contact us : Xfire : Haaky93 or Dragtest

Server info:

TeamSpeak: Search & Destroy: Team Deathmatch: Sabotage: Hardcore random gameplay: Codjumper: Warserver: Paintball:

The founder of Number1Clan is Mojo. Everyone of any age is welcome(be atleast 13 year old). Just go to #1 Clan - Join our clan and follow the steps. You will be put on a trial, so ur name should look like <#1>Trl.Name. We have a 2 week trial but if you keep contact,be friendly and play with us you always make it! Except when you do something really bad! But there is no need for that becouse the clan if full of active and nice members. We are a fun clan, but always up for a war. We got Low/Medium/High skilled members. We got around 40┬▒ active members.

Rules :

Play with respect, die with honor and in the mean while have fun doing this.

Hope to see you soon on the Number1Clan servers.

Greetz Tc662 and Haaky from the Number1Clan.