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#1 13 years ago

New Call of duty clan based off of {AOW} clan looking for members. we already have a 20 slot server (it will be more once we have some definite people in the server)


Clan name: FRAG Members: 15 on clan list 47 registered on site Website or boards URL: fragcod.com Server info: 20 slot tdm/cft (more to come!) Clan setup: we believe in a non biased system, no power struggles and we will add administrators as we see fit History: based of a 2 year call of duty clan and 1 month active clan Playing style: Non spawn killing and no trip wires (based of the AWE mod) Other games you play: Call of duty 1 and call of duty 2 Requirements: we ask that you are over the age of 13 Contact info: go to the site fragcod.com and register, give us a hollar in the forums, you can contact me by

aim: emosnowboarder17 msn/email: [EMAIL="dcarr8@hotmail.com"]dcarr8@hotmail.com[/EMAIL]

I would Love to see you guys join up!