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#1 12 years ago

Hello I have been hosting day of defeat servers since 01'. Since then my community peaked and dwindled since the release of WOW. Everyone went to play that. Anyways I trying to bring back the -=GA=- clan with little help from the old clan members most do not play this or have no time for games period.

What am I saying? Looking to consolidate smaller clan/s into larger one. Or one large one* aleast 15 members to take over my pub server-* I would pay for it have head admin - you in turn would have admin with your clan name on the server. So it would be your pub more or less.

For a clan that would like to join up to make a larger clan -I would change name if your offering more players then I currently have..

I offer 54 man server- 32 man server TS server Working website -Forums

Wanting to play ladders and leagues is fine.. divisions can be setup- if you just want to be in a clan for the whole having a clan thing thats cool too!

Depending on the responses I may have to decline some of you! Email me if your interested @ [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL]