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#1 10 years ago

We have been around since 2006 as an Efed. Now we've converted into a Gaming Community / Clan and are looking to expand our divisions.

We have just wiped clean our website and wanted a new start for a new era of GCW.

Interested? Gamers Coalition Worldwide Community http://www.gcwfed.net http://www.gcwfed.org

We have a gaming server: Our Ts2: We use our own IM: Pandion

We have 3 x 200GB FTPs for our members and will soon be buying a Dedicated Box, to host more servers.

We currently have 24 Members. 3 Admins Mature Clan, most of over 20 years of age.

Were looking for a Leader, a Division Leader. Currently a Clan Leader?, then send me a pm on our website and we'll work something out. A Division Leader is a "Clan Leader" of a game, so were interested in clans merging with us. Not Clanned?, Awesome, check us out, register up. Where a community aswell, so even if your clanned, register up and have some talks with us, where friendly and have been together since 2006.

Where in need for PC Gamers, check, join and have fun :) Are you a 360 User?, 22 of our members have 360's too, currently have a GTA IV and Cod4 Division for 360 as well.

Email me if you have any questions or drop by on our website and drop a post or a PM (Recommended: Website, I hardly look at my emails nowadays) [email]owner@gcwfed.net[/email]

Thanks, Freddie, GCW|