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#1 12 years ago

Hello all, I am a member of the ghOst clan (formerly |GHOST| & [TCN]). I thought that I'd take this oppertunity to pay a visit to your site and let you all know about our clan. For two main reasons:

1. We're all in the same community and we've set one of our goals to get to know other clans and people. 2. The second reason is because of other GHOST clans out there and we don't want people getting us mixed up with the rest. I hope you don't mind, but I thought i'd take the chance to give you a breif overview of our clans history.

ghOst started as a clan way back in June 1999 playing Deus Ex online. It was a great game while it lasted and we loved every minute of it. ghOst was based on 4 family members to start and then soon expanded to a massive 8 (lol) players for most of our time in Deus Ex. Due to the Deus Ex community becoming less and less busy ghOst moved onto MoHAA and played it for many years. ghOst clan then moved on to play JO, BF2 and is currently playing COD4.

ghOst has always hosted their own servers within the games they play and at one point hosted 2 of the most-used Euro servers in MoHAA

Come visit our site or TS2! We would like to invite you to our site, we have a great community over there and all the guys and girls are all great people. If it's a fun friendly atmosphere you seek, then you don't have to look any further.

Our site address is: ghOst Clan aka The Claymore Nation - ghost clan Resources and Information.

Forums: |GHOST| aka ghOst Clan Forums - ghost clan Resources and Information.

TS2 -

If you're interested in joining us please visit our forum and post a welcome and tell us you want to join.

If you fancy joining us for game, our server details are as follows:

-=ghOstwarfare=- IP: hosted on our jolt UBER Server

ghOst clan has been taking casualties since 1999 and now has 30 members. Take care and shoot you soon, Yours, ghOst.Pappa