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#1 10 years ago

Hey to all..

I am Wormy, from the Hellsrangers Clan, we have recently opened our arms to COD4, we have lots of good players , most are at least 2.1 K/d, we have been active in CnC Renegade, BF2, BF2142, and now COD4, We are looking for new members to fill our COD4 Division and to play with us competitively, We have already climbed the TWL ladder in 2142 and made it to 3rd overall, So we are hoping to do much better with COD4, So if you are looking for organized play, as well as just people to hang out with on a daily basis, feel free to drop by,

Website: *=HR=* HellsRangers COD4 Server ip: Ventrilo Server:

I hope to see some of you on with us and bring your A game your gonna need it...lol