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#1 10 years ago

Hello, I am co leader of the (K9) clan.

We are currently recruiting,

We are interested in mature members

Website: www.k9clan.net

Games we support: COD 2, COD 4

Servers- COD 2:

COD 2 (1) A 32 man server low gravity

COD 2 (2) A 32 man server low gravity

Servers- COD 4:

COD 4 (1) 24 man server

COD 4 (2) 24 man server

Teamspeak: passwords are issued

Feel free to stop by any of our servers

register at the website to have access to the (K9) forums

If you are interested in joining you can join a few differant ways...

1. Add k9bonz to xfire 2. Add [EMAIL="k9bonz@hotmail.com"]k9bonz@hotmail.com[/EMAIL] to msn 3. Stop by our site www.k9clan.net go to the forums and in the join us section drop a quick note of interest and a way to contact you.

We do have 16 years of age requirement in place

Skill does not matter, its if you are willing to have fun and enjoy time spent playing games, You can and will get better as time goes on.

thanks and stop by

(K9) Bonz