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#1 11 years ago

Console: Xbox 360 Gamer Tag: Grand Xias Rank: 35 (Major I) Combat Style: Camp Sniping Weapon of choice: M40A3 Secondary Weapon of Choice: R700 Secondary Combat Style: Rushing Weapon of Choice: M16A4 (ACOG) Secondary Weapon of Choice: AK-47 (Silenced) I want to join a clan because I'm craving stradegy and Communication in the game. The ediots on Team Death Match don't care much for it. I'm decent in the game and relatively new to the game but I can hold my own. I do Camp Sniping so I may not bring alot of kills to the clan unless the oppritunity comes. I can do Rushing but I may do more harm than good if I'm kill 10 time and got 8 kills. I am getting better and can do much better with a clan, so please send me a message via Xbox Live if you think that you may want to add me on to your clan.