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#1 13 years ago

Good day, I have been hosting websites for a few years now, and have decided to start hosting CoD4 servers on a few of my extra servers. I am looking to sponsor 1 competitive clan to help get the ball rolling. Now before you all rush to your email to contact me, be warned I am going to be very picky and will not give out a sponsorship to just anyone. First thing I ask is tell me how you can help sell the product, give me examples of leagues you participate in, communities/forums you post on, anything you are willing to do to sell my servers in exchange for a free server. What you get (Servers located near Detroit): Free 24 Slot Public CoD4 Server Free 14 Slot Private CoD4 Server Free 25 Slot Teamspeak server (if you want Vent, then get your own) Free 1Gig webspace with 10 Gigs monthly transfer (domains are extra) Please email [EMAIL="steven@rapid-host.com"]steven@rapid-host.com[/EMAIL] with your information if you would like to apply. Please include your clan information, website, and anything you feel is important to help me decide. Remember this is a BUSINESS email, so presentation is important. Have a great day, Steven Brencur Rapid Host Web Services