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#1 11 years ago

Hey mate, please read this. Big money is in question, and of course, a lot of fun! J I am PUMA1400 from <|Tactical Gaming Community|>. <|TGC|> is organising a „<|TGC|COD4_World_Tournament|>“. Here are some facts about the tourney. ABOUT THE TOURNAMENT: 1)Tournament is held by <|Tactical Gaming Community|>. 2)Tournament will be held from 14th till 16th August. 3)Tournament will be played on <|TGC|> servers. Teams will be informed of exact Ips on time. 4)There will be 16 different teams in competition for the Grand Prize. 5)The teams may apply from today till 1st of August or untill all rooms have been taken. 6)Each team is made of 4 players + one additional player (if one of those 4 players is not able to play a match.) 7)To enter a tournament, each player MUST pay $5 or $20 for a team (as a entering ticket) 8) Point n.7 DOES NOT include additional players. 9)There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd team. 10)1st place worths $160, 2nd place worths $100 and 3rd place worths $60. 11) In a case when the tourney doesn't start for some reason, or it ends before getting a winner, money WILL BE RETURNED to every player, no matter how far their team got. 12)<|TGC|> will be supervising the Tournament, but we hope to get more supervisers and judges from different clans / communities. 13)Person in charge for this Tournament is : Puma1400; you can contact him (me) via e-mail: [EMAIL="puma1400@mail.thetgc.org"]puma1400@mail.thetgc.org[/EMAIL] or via xfire: puma1400 HOW TO JOIN THE TOURNAMENT? If you have decided to join the tourney, contact me about the payment details. NOTIFICATION: To pay entering ticket, you MUST use PayPal. For all other informations, feel free to contact me. Hope to see you on a tourney, <|TGC|Puma1400> www.theTGC.org -<|Tactical Gaming Community|> web site <|TGC|COD4_World_Tournament|> - <|Tactical Gaming Community|> <|TGC|COD4_World_Tournament|> - <|Tactical Gaming Community|> -Tournaments thread on <|TGC|> Forums.


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#2 11 years ago

I'll judge. I just sent you a friend request on x-fire.