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#1 13 years ago

MOJORECRUITING.jpg MoJo Gamers is a close knit community that has been around for several years. We have had some very successful teams, including a #1 TWL team in SWB1. We are looking for competitive gamers..but we have plenty of room for those casual ones who don't prefer to compete. Qualites we want in MoJoVille: 1. Active on forums 2. Active on Ventrilo voice chat 3. Enjoy competitive play and have a desire to make their team the best. (but you can be a non-competitive member as well!) 4. Enjoy a community focused environment. A lot of us have been gaming for many years together and we are a close knit group who like to have fun, carry on and frag! 5. Good, outgoing personality almost a must. Can't be afraid to speak up on Ventrilo! 6. Minimum age of 18 and mature enough to handle some of us old farts who are 30+. We can be a little lenient on age as long as you can prove you are mature enough to hang with us old farts! 7. Must be physically able and willing to have fun. This is an absolute must! While we are competitive, fun comes first! is our site. We have an informal little application we have people fill out. So if you are interested in competitive play, while still having a focus on fun.... check us out. At this time we are looking for leaders as well as grunts. If you wish to get your foot in the door and lead (or help lead) a team then you might just have a shot! Stop By our server: banner_350x20_C692108-381007-FFFFFF-000000.png ..hardcore server coming soon **Also recruiting for TF2