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#1 13 years ago

Welcome to MyClanDB - A Clan Building Solution. We specialise in providing powerful clan pages that are extremely easy to use, free of charge.

* No bandwidth limits! * No setup charges! * You control! * No need to handle files * An easy to use page with many great features! * Easy Recruitment System * Design, decorate to your own style * Coming Soon: - much like youtube, but our own.

Whats even better?

We have now created our own "League/Ladder/Cup" site, just like clanbase or enemydown. This has been added on to our main site.

There are prizes to be won, we are offering "Cash / Packages / Items / Sponsorship deals...etc" to the winners.

Were starting with Call of Duty 4, but will soon expand over other games.


We have still yet publish our FAQ page. Some links are still being worked on, but the site itself is ready.

Thanks MyClanDB Staff Member


I didn't make it!

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#2 13 years ago

Added: We have separated the clan pages from the league site, to give peeps more of an option to which to join and not have to join both.

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