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#1 10 years ago

Hey People,

There are a few of use (mainly old farts) that are currently looking at extending a server for 1 year at the end of the month but as you know, there are more servers out there then there is players to fill the slots.

We are ultimately looking for people that could consider adding our server to their favourites, come and play with us some time and even maybe share our server with another clan or two (for those that do not have one??)?

Our website is which is used from time to time but most of the members are old and have a hard time focusing in on the screen :D (by the way I am the youngest)

Our server Ip is:

IP Address: Port: 28960 We love the game but want a home and hopefully a few others might also take the time to visit us... we try to get on most nights but there is only 5-6 of us but we just love to have fun, nothing more and hope to have a few matches and get our arses kicked cause we never train or learn to win :moon:

Anyways, thanks for reading and hope to see you all soon.


PS. We run Search & Destroy on the server, all the maps associated with that game type and don't have a clue about getting the ingame auto console messages to work :p