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Are you actively playing your game and are looking for an active clan or community ?

Maybe NeXt Century eSports is something for you.

What is NeXt-Century eSports ?

NeXt Century eSports is a organization, which was founded on 1 march 2009 and for a big part consists of the active players from the GAMERT clan. For the leaders of the GAMERT clan there where no more possibilities to grow and make some changes to it. So the leaders of the GAMERT clan decided to start their own organization and start from scratch.

The goal of NeXt Century eSports is simple. Building a big and active ! community with a strong professional part with the best teams of Europe. NeXt-Century is a international community, so the language on the forum is English. On Ventrilo we talk Dutch or English depending who is on-line in the channel

The Next-Century organization consists of two parts : A PRO part with professional teams which is invite only and a community part for the fun/casual and semi-PRO gamer, who wants to play actively and have fun doing it.

For the community part we are always looking for new ACTIVE members that want to play in an active community. At the moment we play BF2, CSS and COD4, TF2 and AA but besides these games we also play fungames like Battlefield Heroes 2 e.g. An active management and staff keep a close eye for any new game releases or other games that can be played, an additional Ventrilo channel for that game is easily made. Also with enough interest and activity from the community it's always possible that a game gets additional support from the management with organizing community wars or even an own public server.

In any case, within the community you can at least play the games already mentioned above, solo or within a team. There is also a possibility to start your own team with others and get support from the management with a (partial) sponsored warserver and a private team forum or Ventrilo channel.

The important part what we expect from new members is ACTIVITY ! and mainly on our Ventrilo server and our public gameservers. You can't build a fun community playing solo without any voice contact with your fellow members. You don't even have to play that often. Activity can be measured in different ways... even playing some online fungame and connected to Ventrilo. You never know who will join you in game and in the Ventrilo channel. Even a friendly chat in one of our lounge rooms is possible of course but gaming should be your main interest.

So there are enough possibilities.

Other things NeXt-Century offers are of course a number of public gamesservers for BF2,CSS and COD4, a (professional) website and a wide public forum (also English) all powered by

What are the requirement to join ?

* At least 16 years old. * Headset/microphone for Ventrilo (*Duh*) * Not on any Global ban list (MBL) (we hate cheaters) * Did i mention it before ? ACTIVITY !

You can request a trial in our "Join Next Century" part on our forum at : Next-Century eSports Forum . During your trial you are judged on activity and a healthy gaming attitude.

Remember : Activity is key within the NeXT Century community. We are not that difficult with accepting new members, BUT a long period of inactivity and you'll be kicked from the community.

Maybe see ya at our community,

NeXt Century eSports.