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#1 12 years ago

Northern Special Forces: =|NSF|= With many members and growing, we are a well respected and established clan, spanning most of North America and parts of Canada. We’ve been around for over six years, and are very active in the gaming community. We have an extensive history in competition gaming starting back with BF1942, DC, CSS, COD1&2. If the future truly is COD4, you can bet we’ll be there. If you want to be part of our virtual family, join us on Teamspeak, someone is always there to answer your questions. We also have more information posted on our website along with a recruit application if your interested. We are currently recruiting for our Competition COD4 team, come show us what your got. The NSF is full of friendship and represented as a virtual family. Joining the Northern Special Forces has its proper hurdles to cautiously screen all prospects. What we expect: 1 – Attendance 2 – Respect 3 – X-Fire 4 – 18 Yrs old or older 5 – Dedication What you get: 1 – Friendly and competitive environment. 2 – Weekly practices, meetings, scrims, matches. 3 – ATC match tactics and development (Advanced Tactical Center). 4 - COD4 ranked 20 man match server. 5 – 24 hour gaming 6 – Play any game you wish, old and new, we are not a one game clan.(current offical divisions include EQ2 and COD4) 7 – A virtual family atmosphere. 8 – Webmaster maintained PHP site and forums. 9 – Strong leadership and staff, with long standing proven traditions, and even some kung fu. Website: Northern Special Forces []Northern Special Forces Website[url] Northern Special Forces Website -=Team Speak server info=- IP address: Port: 8767 Password: necromonkey -=Call of Duty 4 Hardcore-HQ Game Server=- IP: [Located in Chicago]