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Welcome to the clan advertisement of OGO! Online Gaming Organization! We are a kind friendly group of mature gamers playing Call Of Duty 4. We have recently been playing much less of our previous game 'Soldier Of Fortune 2' and replacing that with Call Of Duty 4. We've all known and been playing together for around 3/4 years now, welcoming new members along the way to join in the fun.

We are currently recruiting for 'Call Of Duty 4'. We are looking for the following features within our new recruits.

- Active Gamer: Playing regularly at the Clan Server, being present on TeamSpeak, and visiting and posting at our forums.

- Mature Personality: Preferable 18 years of age or older, younger applications may still be accepted.

- Long stay: We are interetsed in recruiting people that plan on staying with us for a long period of time.

- Headset: This is not a requirement, but if you currently do not have possession of one, we would encourage and recommend you buy one.

If you think you fit our description and would be interested in joining our team, then you will need to do one of the following: - Visit our website and post your application via the forums. - Contact TurboPulse via the contact information posted below.

Clan Website: {OGO}* - Online Gaming Organisation MSN: [EMAIL="turbopulse@live.com"]turbopulse@live.com[/EMAIL] Xfire: turbopulse

Game Server IP's: (All of our game servers are located in United Kingdom)

{OGO}*Recruiting S&D - Public Server #1

{OGO}*Match/War Server - Running ProMod - Password Protected

{OGO}*TeamSpeak - Password Protected

We look forward to hearing from you soon. - {OGO}*TurboPulse Clan Leader/Founder

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