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5th September 2008

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#1 10 years ago

[SIZE="3"][COLOR="DimGray"]{[/COLOR][COLOR="Blue"]O[/COLOR][COLOR="White"]GO[/COLOR][COLOR="DimGray"]}*[/COLOR][COLOR="White"]Online Gaming Organization[/COLOR][/SIZE]


  • [COLOR="Blue"]Homepage:[/COLOR] ogo-banner.gif
  • [COLOR="Blue"]Description:[/COLOR] OGO is an international multigaming clan. We are looking for mature, active and skilled players to join the fun on the games we play. We actually host 3 SoF2 servers(public, scrim and custom maps), 1 COD4 public server, 1 TC:E server and a private Teamspeak. Anyone is welcome to play with us. You can play as you like on our servers, we won't bother anyone for camping or not attacking. Our admins never abuse, our server are all streaming to GV and we have a dedicated PB Admin checking everything everyday. We are very interested in CoD4 dedicated players.
  • [COLOR="Blue"]Servers :[/COLOR]
  • We are ACTIVELY RECRUITING CoD4 everyday players!
  • Hope to frag you soon ;)


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12th July 2008

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#2 10 years ago

i'm a sniper i play on PS3 and i have a 1.24 kill ratio could i join