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#1 10 years ago

Hey. I've been looking for elite servers where elite players hang out and play. No luck so far. Alright lets get started. I'm oUtLaW and a very good player. Be sure to check out my screenshots at xfire.com/screenshots/garrett08/

I like to trick(jump) in tricking servers ONLY! So if you are a tricking(jumping) or a normal clan/team...or even both! post back

I'll be interested in any clan that posts back.

Age:17-18 Gamername: oUtLaW Location: Vermont LvL: 55


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16th May 2004

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#2 10 years ago

Outlaw.. Whats going on man... My name is DeathAmongUs... I am currently starting a clan for COD4 and possibly some other games in the future. Now before you simply jump to the next post, hear me out. I am a seasoned gamer and I have recently recruited an old friend of mine... ColdFire. He was the Leader of Clan =VnR= which was nationally ranked with sponsorships. Our goal is to reach this plateau once again with the help of great gamers like yourself. Our Forums are, HBPForums.com. Feel free to stop by and check us out. Also, we have both a Ventrilo server and TS Server. Ventrilo is TS is [COLOR=Blue][/COLOR].

We are looking for dedicated and mature members who are willing to help begin a new chapter in gaming with COD4. Join now and help us dominate.

-DeathAmongUs- Clan -HBP-


I didn't make it!

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#3 10 years ago

Nice, I'll be looking at your clan:) Currently registered on your forums.


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#4 10 years ago


The Elite Gangsters is looking for mature players who are interested in playing Call of Duty 4 we are a seasoned clan with veteran members that have been playing FPS games for more then 1 years, and we are now playing COD4 as our main game. most of us are older and we enjoy playing together as a team. we have a very nice website and forum so feel free to get registered, make a post on the forum and say hi to everyone, we are a fun bunch and happen to be friends in & out of the game. we play together using TeamSpeak voice chat which is mandatory and we also use MSN Messenger to coordinate things and to just talk with each other. both are mandatory and both are free! We are a non-competitive clan, no more TWL, STA, CAL, etc... we are here just to have fun and not put any pressure on ourselves or each other by doing any league play at this time. we are a small clan with members from around the world, but have a 'core' group of players that are pretty tight and play fairly often! we are very laid back but also very dedicated to gaming so if we have what your looking for, click on the banner above which will take you to the Clan Application Form and fill it out and we can start getting to know each other if your interested, or just come into one of our servers to play and have a good time just fragging with us.