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#1 11 years ago

We are a clan whose founding members have been together for over 10 yrs (since dod 1.0b!) We wanted to try something on our own and here we are! www.frag-junkies.com We have 3 servers 2 for cod4 and one waw server also one 20 man private and a 35 man ventrilo server Ips are all posted on the main page of the website with Gametracker insets. We have 2 rules no demeaning other players and no racism.Treat others as you would basically as if you were face to face and we will get along fine! Next you will need Ventrillo and a mic. Download ventrillo here ---------> http://www.ventrilo.com/download.php chooose Client d/l and your operating system Default password to join is frag. The ip is on the main page right side where you can view who is on at anytime. We would like all members to be 18+ Anyone below that age or from another clan wishing to play on our server may use =fjc= tags to show server support and to also alert members that you are a community member.You may join ventrillo but we request you stay in the main channel if under 18 yrs old. Community members May belong to another clan but like to pub here for there own reasons , maybe your clan has a server but has a different gametype? Whatever the reason your welcome to play here. we are here for fun value only so dont think you arent good enough of a player because thats a non issue here.Play /have fun/make friends! Our servers are s&D and tdm for cod4 and waw is TDM =FJ= Recruiting NO CLASS LIMITS HC [codww] Call of Duty World at War =FJ= RECRUITING No Class Limit HC TDM [cod4] Call of Duty 4 =FJ=RECRUITING No Class Limit HC S&D [cod4] Call of Duty 4 Even if the servers empty join in as the low pings help them fill up fast! Have fun guys and FRAG ON ! Add me on xfire @ c4pt4m3r1c4