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#1 12 years ago

Hi everyone, [COLOR=darkorange]PitBullPosse[/COLOR] is a UK based clan with many international members as well. We've been playing on [COLOR=darkorange]lightening fast[/COLOR] UK based servers since COD2 and are interested in meeting/fragging/having a laugh with other players. Our recently updated website has a live server info, a comprehensive forum, a member's gallery, Events Calendar and RWar, Downloads such as overhead maps for registered users and Newsfeeds about COD and COD5 development. Come and join us for a great COD4 experience. BASIC INFO: 4 Servers: TDM , DM, Classic Rifles, eXtreme War SERVER IP's: TDM: [COLOR=darkorange] [/COLOR] DM: [COLOR=darkorange] [/COLOR] CLASSIC RIFLES: [COLOR=darkorange] [/COLOR] EXTREME WARFARE: [COLOR=darkorange] [/COLOR] Public Forum URL: [COLOR=darkorange]Forum[/COLOR] We really welcome you to join as a free website member and play on our servers till your fingers bleed!! Whether or not you decide to join later, just get on the servers and get shooting soldier! See you soon hopefully, Ph0t0n AKA [COLOR=darkorange]Kit - web admin[/COLOR] : News

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