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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Multiplayer Online Clan INTRODUCTION: Our clan is called 2nd Recon Squad (Article is a full description of Clan) Our team is always S.A.S. or the US Marines. Those who would like to join, please follow Instructions: On the main screen, press options -> Multiplayer options -> In-game name. If you would like to join us, please insert this at the very front of name: [2RS] ( With the brackets ) and then insert your desired name. If you would like to join please reply this Thread along with your in game ID and Rank SERVERS: Servers: Games more than 25 players total (PUNKBUSTER OFF SERVERS) *If you dont know how, on server select, click "Filter Servers on top" and On the bottom of the filter list click PunkBuster until it says "Off" and press OK.* Anyone above Level 10 and is an active player may join. RANKINGS: (Rank) (Max No.) Clan Admin /1 Clan General /10 Clan Lieutenant /15 Clan Sergeant /25 Clan Soldier /100 CLAN INFO: Clan Sign: [2RS] in front of your in game ID. We mainly join games that have 25 or more players in PunkBuster off servers(To icrease the freedom of game choice and easier to find clanmates) I, the leader of the 2nd Recon Squad will let any one join my Squad. We are a proud squad to serve the British and United States. We offer the best experiance for our Squad, I, the leader of the 2nd Recon Squad will be active, so don't worry about me going inactive and the clan being ruined, but please remember, this clan is for Call of Duty 4 Online Multiplayer only. We help each other in this squad , Oorah? CLAN SUMMARY: Alright, all soldiers who would like to join this squad, reply this thread to act as your application form. Application forms must include:

  • Call of Duty 4 Multiplayer online in game ID.
  • Level and Rank
  • Your favourite Game Mode (eg: Headquaters)

SQUAD TATICS: We are a fair squad. Remember, in this game Teamwork is probrably your best choice, and No one gets left behind, when you play a game, stick with a group of people. It is much easier to elimnate one single person than a group of people, and do not discourage people, work together with other players of your team, move together, and never leave one person alone, even if you see some one like that, go and move with him, you have a much better chance of winning. Do not blame people for loss, it discourages people. FAQ: Me, the leader of [2RS], if you're interested , my In game ID is: [2RS]Captain Chan. The bold area of my name is the coefficient( can change ) part of my name, It changes whenever i rank up, so whatever my rank is called, for example Lieutenant, then it would be [2RS]Lt. Chan. It will change once my rank changes, but the unbolded or unhighlighted bit is the never changing part. Our other leader is [2RS]Gym Thank you for reading, if you would like to join, please reply the Article.