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#1 12 years ago

Looking for a change of pace? Wanting to get into competition? Craving organized gameplay instead of going lone wolf? Or just looking for a place to hang your hat and play as part of a team?

Elite Soldiers =ES=

Elite Soldiers, An established multi-gaming clan is is now openly recruiting for our Call of Duty 4 roster.

As a mature, established multi-gaming clan we currently compete in the Battlefield series and newly COD4 and also look to broaden our scope by playing (but not limited to) Company of Heroes, CSS,and Quake Wars.

At Elite Soldiers we consider all types of players, noob or veteran, young or old, competitive or just the casual playerall are welcomed with equal vigor. We hold ourselves to a standard of maturity, honor, and respect, not just to ourselves but others and we ask that of all our clan members. We are competitive when it comes to gaming, but we do not let it eclipse the one true reason we’re all here….. to have fun!

If this sounds like something that you want to be a part of… add this man to your xfire…


Then drop by our website, join our teamspeak and see what we’re all about.

Well that’s it and a bag of chips… See you in the Field!!!! Please note, although no boardcode and smiley buttons are shown, they are still useable