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#1 10 years ago

We are now looking for new members

We are a European clan with members from England, Germany, Sweden and Norway. We have members rangeing from 16 up to 36. we try to have matches (freindlys) once a week, and now in the start of the new year we enter codleague. The clan started with Battlefield vietnam but now most of our players play COD4. We allso got our own public 20 slot server that is running search and destroy 24/7 and a codleague match server.

If u are looking for no BS clan, please apply with name, x-fire name and some information about your self in the recruitment area


Here are some rules

1. U have to be over 18 years old(some cases we allow 16 year olds) 2. U need to have X-fire 3. U need Teamspeak 4. U have to both talk and understand english 5. have read and understand our rules

If u want to join then please understand we got a minimum 2 week trial before deciding

Please add our recruitment admins X-fire name for more information. epswe or ocan0 for further information


I didn't make it!

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#2 10 years ago

please add my xfire if intrested in join:ocan0 since our website currently doesnt allow plp to post anything :)

website up again go and post on recruitment or add xfire: ocan0 :)

welcome all new members :) and we are still recruiting :)

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