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#1 10 years ago =SoB= is now recruiting mature players for Call of Duty 4. We are mostly older guys that have a skill range from "just having fun" to 133t. Members of the =SoB= crew are play in the mornings 8am-12pm CT and evenings 6pm-11pm CT.

=SoB= members have roots in the Battlefield series of games, Quake series and COD series, but enjoy many other games.

We're a pretty laid back crew with very few rules. No age specific limit as it is about maturity. I have met some 40 year olds that acted like they were 11. A working mic is required.

We currently run a COD4 HC TDM FF=on reflective 20 man We have Ventrilo and of course our new website

Sneaky old Bastards - Old Gamers Never Die , They Get Upgrades