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#1 9 years ago

[COLOR=Blue]True Talent is a big clan of more than 100 active players on XBOX 360, PS3 and PC. We are very organised, we have 2 Battalions, 1st Battalion is USA&Canada and 2nd Battalion is Europe&Others, the reason why we have Battalions is so that you only add people in your Battalion so it doesn't fill up the whole of your friends list and add people that play at the same/similar time as you.

In each battalion, there's 6 companies, 2 for each console, 1 is Competitive Company (1.5 K/D minimum) and 1 is Casual Company which accepts anyone that doesn't sound immature.


*Respect everyone members no matter about their age, sex or race *Listen to the instructions of the boss *When you get a message from the leaders, please reply (unless you were busy)

We normally accept anyone in but we do not accept anyone that doesn't listen to the instruction carefully and sent in the wrong application, note that more than 20 people failed to send an application succesfully so please make sure you listen to the instruction carefully.

If you have any problems, please send me a message on here/on True Talent Forum/on PSN or to my email (natt_the_great@hotmail.com) [/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]Here is the instruction if you wish to join our clan:

1.) Copy the application I put at the bottom of this post 2.) Go to www.truetalent.freeforums.org 3.) Sign Up on the forum (NOTE: By signing up there doesn't mean you are a member of True Talent but a member of the True Talent forum) 4.) Click Recruitment in Recruitment Center, located at the top, under the ads 5.) Click on Pending Forum 6.) Start a New Topic, and put your Online ID (PSN etc.) as the name of the topic (so mine would be NATT_THE_GREAT) 7.) Paste the application onto the message and fill in the application 8.) Click post and you will know the result in a maximum of 2 hours time[/COLOR]


Real Name: PSN ID/Gamertag/Tag: Age: Location: Why are you interested in joining T2: Competitive or Casual team (competitive requires 1.50+ k/d ratio)? How many hours are you on in a given day: Will you be active on these forums (1 post per week is required): Which gametypes do you like: Who referred you: Are you willing to go through our trial process (for competitive teams):[/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkOrange]Thank You,