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TaG Online COD4 Gaming League. - Looking For New Teams

TaG runs on a free flowing points based system. This means that unlike other ladders where you have to make a match challenge then arrange a time and a date to play with TaG you can match there and then as many times as you like.

Both Teams and individual players are awarded points ranks ladder positions and medals depending upon how many points and kills they get within each TaG match they play. Our Leader boards show rank and achievements for both Teams and Individuals where you can compare how you doing against the rest of the players in each particular game ladder.

One of the most important parts that make TaG different from other leagues is our Admin Support sections. Each ladder is backed by an extensive number of gaming volunteers who all have an excellent knowledge of the particular game you play. The can be contacted by a number of medias form our Live Admin Support Section TaG voice comms Msn and email. They are there to make sure you get the best gaming experience possible.

The TaG ethos is to let players match as much as possible we have found the more active our players become the more fun it is. The game play is highly competitive but you find with TaG instead of matching once or twice a week you will match 5 or 6 times a day and consequently fun games are replaced with fun matches. This is all governed by our specific No Cheating Philosophy. TaG uses many methods to contact teams to play matches with are most popular xfire channel.

If you like what you see add you team now.

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:: [TAG] :: - Total Assault Gaming League CoD4 Ladder - This is the general help link it tells you everything about TaG

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If you have any questions please feel free to contact me via Xfire :- sscommunity / MSN :- [email]ikesmith@hotmail.co.uk[/email] / Email :- [email]ikesmith@hotmail.co.uk[/email] or Tag's Public Forums/Ventrilo