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RateImage.jpg =TBC= The Basement Crew, is a multi-game community. The Basement Crew has been around for a couple of years, and has been for the most part a BF2 clan. We have seen many people come and go since the good ole BF2 days, and we are now trying to expand our community into other games. Such games include: COD4, Project Torque, World in Conflict, Project Reality, Crysis, FSX & more! =TBC= currently has 6 active COD4 members, 4 of which are veterans to the game. We would like to start participating in TWL matches, but we just don't have the activity in order to do so. Currently, we have 1 COD4 server running but that number is likely to grow in the near future. Leave a reply to this post if you are interested and be sure to drop by our web site www.tbcts.com to check us out. Join our ventrillo to ask any questions you may have. [COLOR=black]Ventrillo Information[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Address: [/COLOR][COLOR=black]vent4.gameservers.com[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Port: [/COLOR][COLOR=black]4598[/COLOR] b_560x95.png

Also, you can contact me on Xfire. my id is ChiefSlapaho8