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#1 10 years ago

Hello everyone, I am DarkSoldier the founder of the Maryland PC and XBOX 360 gaming clan which has a website, game servers, voice servers, etc.. We have been around for awhile and are looking for some good gamers to join up with us. We are mostly a COD 4 clan for both the XBOX 360 and PC but we also play counter strike, COD 2, gears of war, bad company: battlefield and will be playing COD 5 as soon as its released. We are currently involved with TWL and CAL leagues, we have weekly scrims with other clans and we also have a inter clan scrim league which we go 1 vs 1 to see who is the best gamer of us all, out of fun of course. I currently run my website, PC game servers, ventrilo server and am looking for a few gamers who would like to learn how to run them as well so my job isn't so tuff each day! So, if you are looking for a fun gaming community that has ties to clans in CANADA to Florida to California and everywhere in between stop by my website and register so you can post in our forums, etc.. at and you can visit my COD 4 PC HardCore game server at ip: take care.. DarkSoldier