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Website: Team Fixation is a new team in the making, planning to compete competitively in Call of Duty 4. We may expand into other games as well. We have a mature and friendly atmosphere and do not tolerate anything inappropriate. We just want to have a good time while playing.

Our members are very active and skilled. We are organized, and well-structured. The team was created to compete competitively in Call of Duty 4, but we may expand into other games as well. We also sometimes play Battlefield 2 and Counter-strike Source.

When just pubbing, we can be laid back and fun, or in a scrim or match, we can get very serious. Each member is different and specializes in something different.

We don't have many requirements, but you must be mature, and be able to get along with other people. Age is not a factor. You must follow the rules and must be able to follow orders, if needed. You must also be active! This is the biggest thing. Why join if you're not going to be active? We understand you have an offline life, so just try to get on every once in awhile, or tell us if you're going to be away.

If you would like to join, post an application in our forum and we will contact you ASAP. We usually will try to talk to you over xfire and if you're available, schedule you for a tryout. We just want to see what skill level you are at so we can apply the proper training to help you.

If you would like to contact us, you can e-mail me at [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL], or add me on xfire at hawkeye00x. You can contact Stormfire, the co-founder, at [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL], or stormfiresk8 on xfire. We also have AIM and MSN if you want to talk to us that way, just look under the Contact section on the site.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and maybe considering us. We are always recruiting, so drop by if you have a chance. We would like skilled players, but any skill level is allowed in. Hopefully with some practice and training you'll be able to play a lot better. Just remember to follow the simple rules, and have fun!