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#1 10 years ago

Hi all,

Team #GW (Global Warriors) #GW Multigaming

We've been playing COD4 since release and are interested in looking for some new players. Well basically due to people getting older and going to university etc our playerbase is revolving more around a community atm which leaves about 5-6 good COD4 players on at different times.

We're a mid skilled clan with good gamesense and aim and are looking for more players to join and get serious in leagues such as enemydown and clanbase. Were also a great bunch of guys generally most of the time having a laugh.

Well we have a

Public/Private server Teamspeak2 Ventrilo

We're searching for players aged perhaps 16+ we can make exceptions but state real age please ;). well yeh if your interested if you could sign up on our forums at #GW Multigaming and post an application under the Chat or Call of Duty 4 section that would be great then its generally playing some PCW's with us getting to know us basically.

Thanks alot guys/girls


xfire: Toid MSN: [email][/email]

dont hesitate to contact.. thanks :)