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17th February 2008

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Hello Gamers,

Have you ever been in a firefight situation, where you thought you had your Squad mates covering your rear? When you shout, "Cover me!" and dash towards the next cover, but get shot down along the way because none of your teammates covered you? Well, in the 4th Infantry Division you won't get shot while taking cover. Because we WILL always cover your back.

The 25th Infantry Division utilizes the concepts of Companionship, Values, and Discipline and of In the The 25th Infantry Division we believe in building character into each one of our Raiders whether it be officer or enlisted, and gradually allowing them to grasp the concept of Independent Leadership. The ability to lead without dependency under intense situations is a fundamental attribute that will not only benefit you in combat, but in your daily interactions as well. Throughout your service whether it be long or short, you will encounter many opportunities of great change, along with many structures that will help you throughout the journey. These structures are portrayed from common structures founded in the roots of the United States Army as well; of which may include the Rank Structure, the Awards, the Chain of Command, and much more.

Although we are a strict structure in such subject matter, we still enjoy playing this game together as an entertainment; however, even when we are simply having a good time, we are still capable of snapping back into order the second attention is needed.

So that being said, let me share with you the many benefits and opportunities we will be able to benefit you.

So what do we benefit you?

- Everlasting Teamwork and Friendship. - A proper Realism environment. - A wide variety of Advance Military Tactics and tactical theories, all told by our pre-trained Drill Instructors.. - An active Teamspeak Server for voice communication. - A variety of Military Occupational Specialties to select from. - Various amounts of training courses from Basic Training, to advanced career trainings and Ongoing Training courses portrayed from the US Army structures as well. -A Dedicated Server box, with 2 servers for Call of Duty 4.

Before you enlist, please verify that you are fully legible to do so. In order to be legible, the following attributes must describe yourself.

- Maturity and Patience. - At least 16 years of age or older. (Exceptions) - An active Xfire account . Xfire. - A working copy of Teamspeak Download from Here. - A working microphone (Obtainable at a cheap price from a website, or other retail stores.) - A proper attitude and ability to listen to orders. - Respect to all individuals. - A light commitment policy of at least 1 hour a day. - We do ask that you can reach our training sessions in the evenings, or times are in Zulu (GMT).

Our Enlistment Process is a 1-2 week process depending on the candidate, how quickly he/she completes the process, Or how quickly here enlistment papers are reviewed and marked.

If you wish to learn more about this fine opportunity, visit our Forum found at for more information. Register, then click on the enlistment office and post your application.

Or if it is more convenient, feel free to personally contact me via the following methods for more information.


Thank you for your time, and farewell.

CPL Luke Murphy,

Recruitment and Retention Office.