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#1 11 years ago

Hello Everyone, I would like to take a moment to introduce myself. I go by the handle "Phoenix" and I am a member of the 82nd Air Borne Clan. About the 82nd Air Borne Clan Our leader "{82nAB}Timber" established the 82nd initially in the early days of MOH:AA. It carried over to what is now a COD4 (Predominantly TDM) clan. We are a relaxed group of individuals that enjoy FPS gaming and the friendly atmosphere that encompasses our clan. We are registered with both the TWL and OGL, however; we may venture into the HC arena in the near future. We have played a few scrimmages so far, and we are looking forward to playing many more. Our organized approach is beginning to yield rewards, so today is THE ground floor opportuity for you. There will come a time when appointment to the 82nd Air Borne clan will be by invitation only. Recently, we have decided to begin actively recruiting new members! We encourage mature applicants with a minimum age of 25. If you are over 25 {There are some of us around 40 ;-) } you are also encouraged to apply. There are minimum criteria that must be met for each applicant which is covered in the Charter. If you are a mature individual that can maintain good standing within the online community, communicate well with others, and have a load of fun within a well organized growing clan, please drop by our web site, read the Clan Charter and fill out an application today. Contact Information XFire:82nphoenix Server Information Public 36 Slots: Private 8 Slots: - Scrim / Match Server running PAM4 Mod Ventrilo Server: Address provided upon successful application process We hope to see you on our servers!