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8th November 2003

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#1 10 years ago

The Black Sun is gaming group devoted to friendship and we incorporate that trust and comradely into our play style. We believe that the people you meet here you will still talk to five years from now. We depend on everyone to devote their part to the match, and know each clanmate's strengths and weaknesses. We assign a position for each clan member to fulfill and trust that they will not let us down. It's this trust that is the true foundation of what -(TBS)- is all about. Through the teamwork we've developed, we have formed a very talented team, a team that doesn't even need words to work. It's a team where your teammates are so close to you they can almost read your position and movement without you even pronouncing it. Dedication, determination, discipline, desire; it's what we're all about. We are a competitive gaming clan that has seen over a decade of action. We strive to succeed and, like the TBS ten years ago, we plan to overwhelm our opponent with our teamwork. We play Call of Duty 4 on our own dedicated server, while communicating with each other through our Teamspeak server.

You can vist us at The Black Sun Clan