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TOG...The Old Gamers 25+ gaming community

Cod4 is one of the largest FPS Divisions in TOG with over 50 active members and still continuing to show strong growth,The Cod4 Div has also stepped into the 21st century with MW2.We have a MW2 DIV and Steam Group also, After becoming a TOG member anyone can post up a “hello” in our New Members sign up sticky in our Main Forum. Players in North America and Europe can post a hello in Mars Squad (NA/EU Squad) sub-forum.Inventors of the TOG spot...

New members looking to join a competition squad need to spend 4 weeks in Sparta just so that we get to know them and they get to know us. After that they can apply to join a squad and will be allocated to a squad based on need and availability etc. So in that way Sparta is a stepping stone, but we have many players that are not really interested in regular competition (or are taking a break from it) and so Sparta is their home so they can just chill and relax. As a TOG Member, you just have to bring a good attitude and be ready for some fun...The Older Gamers Forums ;)