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#1 11 years ago

-UG- United Gamers will be hosting an all out pc COD4 marathon Friday July 24 at 20:00. We are holding a membership drive that night so stop by and give us a look @ Get on Ventrilo @ vent29.gameservers.com:5912 and BS while you frag with us.

If you would like to join the clan, go to UNITED GAMERS and sign up. We are looking for mature players to bypass the BS and politics and start having fun. Our number one goal is just to have fun. We are looking into competing with other clans but player level is not important. If your not a great player yet, we will help you to become one. This is not a competition clan, this is a group of guys who like the game and like to have fun while competing against other folks.

Drop by and prepare to meet your maker and meet your new clan. I know you will like us, we are like a cold beer, one just isnt enough, you will come back for more.:beer: