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#1 12 years ago

[COLOR=Lime]Hello there! As the title says, United Gamers and recruiting. [COLOR=Red] The Details:- [/COLOR][/COLOR]

  • We have two Call of Duty 4 servers, one public and one private. The public is a 32-man server, IP: Port: 28960
  • Everybody is welcome to play on the server!
  • Our site is HERE, this is soon moving to www.unitedgamers.us

[COLOR=Blue]To join:-


  • To join you must be over 18, mature, dedicated and active.
  • To apply, visit OUR SITE
  • Or Xfire Damon981 or Mrhockey123

[COLOR=Yellow]All of our costs for the server, website etc. are paid for by a sponsor, Michael Fusco's Riverside Grill, a five-start restaurant in Tulsa, Oklahoma. You are not required or asked to donate money.[/COLOR]