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OBC, OldBastardsClan is now looking for active COD4 players to join our gaming community. We also play BF2, BF2142, MOH, CSS, SH, and many other games! There are no try outs to join OBC; we take everyone who enjoys having a good time! Minimum age to join OBC is 25! We also have a system set up so children of members can also apply, your kids can join our under age section, separate from the main stream adults! This is only offered to members in good standing, and requires approval! Login obcgaming.com - Home [COLOR=red]Offered to all members, free the following services:[/COLOR] 1) 2 24/7 Ventrilo Servers. 2) 5 Ranked and 2 Unranked Server in USA and Europe. 3) Website & Forums. 4) Servers for every game we play! 5) Cheat free gaming! 6) Mature environment (minimum age to join is 25) 7) We also have members who will mentor any members needing to improve their skills! We play COD4 a lot! We are a fun and are a very active clan, we love to have a good time and kick some butt. We recruit users mainly from the US, and Europe. We are an English speaking clan! We have internal scrims and we also play competition scrims with other clans! We're looking for people that are dedicated, and like to have a good time, we are proud to boast we have created a fantastic mature gaming community with the emphasis on fun.

Stop by our COD4 server at.... Chicago (S&D) Dallas (TDM) Dallas (Rotating) London (TDM) London (HC Custom) See more of the game we play and the servers we have at: obcgaming.com - Home Anyone wanting to join OBC please use the link above or check out our forums at: Login My Clan Name is [OBC]sondenaa come find me on one of our servers, or click on the links above. Apply today and take your gaming experience to a different level.