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5th January 2008

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#1 10 years ago

I would like to join an Active clan thats based in europe or the UK for low ping reasons but would consider outside if low enough. A bit about me Im 29 with a family, and have played FPS's for about 6-7 years. I've been in Clans and ran my own server with my own mods for my own clan. Also i have all CoDs except cod3 as i dont own a console. I enjoy playing for the crack of it rather than too seriousley, but i do like to scrimm n compete and have enjoyed playing ladder matches in other cods. I like to think of myself as friendly and helpfull with a sick SoH. If i join a decent clan i feel comfortable with, then donations wont be a problem.

CoD4 Version: V1.5.549

CONTACT ME Email: markfromstoke@hotmail.co.uk Xfire: speckog



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8th November 2003

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#2 10 years ago

Irish E-Sports you don't have to be irish ;), I've just recently joined myself and they're a good bunch. The clan has 3 servers..

Call of Duty 4 - Team Deathmatch 32 Player Call of Duty 4 - 24/7 Crossfire 24 Player Call of Duty 4 - Search and Destroy 20 Player 64 man Teamspeak. The TDM server is the most popular witch full 99% of the time. Anyway if you're interested you'll find out more on the site/forum.


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#3 10 years ago

Hi i posted for members just like you the other day 4 post or so below this i will re enter it so you can see my post looking for people friendly and who want to play for fun more than any thing m8 to be fair ageing for roughly 19-upwards we have a couple 3 odd year olds so you should fit in the middle just fine drop in some time and have a look bud ear.xippy.co.uk (old) [E.A.R.] Clan (being built) ip rackage server arcade also just making new hardcore have sever used for training mainly for fun matches etc nothing serious

we are looking for members for our GAMING COMMUNITY!! WEB ADDRESS: EAR.xippy.co.uk (NO WWW.) EAR-CLAN.co.uk (NEW UNDER CONSTRUCTION) SERVER IP: COD4 cod4 training server friendlys We are a gaming community and not just a cod4 clan we have several members who play Guildwars, Pokerstars, Battlefield 2, as well as other games we are looking for mature gamers mainly aged 18 up but anyone is welcome to apply on the forums BUT there are some rules which are: NO SWEARING IN GAME!!! (no need as just leads to arguments we are there to play not be abused) And over use of GRANADE LAUNCHER will get it or you removed (warnings are given first) This is not a performance clan we look for members that are FRIENDLY and get on WITH all the members in the clan we play for the fun of it we are setting up challenge section so we will play matches nothing to serious as of yet REQUIRMENTS: genrally over 18 although doesnt always apply Get on with other members HAVE TO HAVE MIC/TEAMSPEAK (teamspeak is free download just need headset account given on our forum to access ts when signing up or pm Jazz) Love playing for the fun of playing And try to behave lol Ow and just incase you where worrying we swear in ts just not on website and ingame as there is no need but cant help it in ts the urge when someone powns you for the 5th thime lol. So come and sign up at the forum posted above and come chat with us or why not pop into our forum some time and view our website or even better come on in to our server and shot me up a bit lol!!! We have been a numerous number of clans used to be uN (United Nations) on css then [AGRO] before we moved to start our own community now been up 6 months growing numbers of members also have training server available ranked cod4 Hope to see some of you around some time :cya:

Hi spekog m8 i see you can into our forums and sign up thanks hope you have fun playing on the server and soon come in to chat with us all on teamspeak hope to see you in game bud [E.A.R.] Bay

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26th July 2005

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#4 10 years ago

3 posts in 11 mins. In future use the edit button please. Spamming a thread with multiple posts like that could end up with it being trashed so its for your benefit that you do it right ;)