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Our main focus is to promote friendly, honorable game play. 2009 brings BBF into its 9th year of existence and we are still going strong. The clan now has 234 members in various games and platforms. There are also plans to expand into several other games including Battlefield 1943 Starcraft 2. Please use the menu on your left to browse our site and see what we are about and have been up to!

You are a future BBF Member if you: Play an online game Like to have fun Enjoy kicking some "butt". If one or more of the above matches you, then you belong with BBF. All you have to do is click on the game listed below that you are interested in joining BBF in.

What you need to know! We are a very competitive and fun clan. We will not tolerate people who sign up and do not take part in message board discussion, do not attend meetings and do not do their part on the battle field. Please make sure you understand the rules of the clan before you sign on. If you have any questions please contact the clan CEO, Dark Knight

Every clan is only as good as it's members, and it goes way beyond skill level. The more mature and honorable members are much more valuable to a large group than any individual elitely skilled player. That's why the winning sports franchises talk so much about team chemistry, and others may talk about a superstar being a "cancer" to the team. That's the reason some players are so hard to loose, when others are not even missed. We have a synergy here we are trying to establish to maintain the level of excellence as well as the overall enjoyment for all members. Please join me in making Baptized By Fire even better than it already is by abiding closely to the BBF philosophy and Clan Charter: Click Here and Read this Link Before Continuing.

How our Ranking System Works IN BBF, RANKS ARE NOT BASED ON SKILL!

Ranks are set by the conditions below: How long you have been with BBF Your Leadership Skills How much you help other members

What you need to do: New Member Pledge Historical note: BBF Flag is a variation of the Main/original [BBF] Fleet Flag from RA2 By signing up with BBF you are agreeing with the following pledge: I understand the roles and responsibilities of being a member of Baptized By Fire, and accept the honor of belonging to such a clan . I will do my best in helping BBF be recognized by the online community in being a respected clan by their mature and honorable game presence as well as their victorious and competitive game play, all while making the online community a better and more enjoyable place . How to join BBF: To join Baptized by Fire, please sign up and post in the Join Us/Challenge forum with a new post titled "I would like to join for: (GameNameHere)" and an explaination of why you would like to join. The Company Commander for that game will then contact you and respond to your post. Thank you!

.: Baptized By Fire Battle Clan :.