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#1 11 years ago

Hey Guys What's Up. Interested In Joining Team Merk?

We Have Originated On Playstation 2 In SOCOM I, And Have Traveled To SOCOM II, SOCOM III, SOCOM Combined Assault; Then Moved Onto Xbox For Halo 2, and Halo 3, and Call of Duty 4. We Are A Highly Organized Clan And Try Our Best To Work Professional In Combat. We Do Our Best To Establish And Meet The Criteria Of Our Need Of Sucession And Victory.

On The Down-Side; Over The Past Years, Our Members Have Grown Up And Moved On With The Video-Gaming Industry, And Are Now Living Their Lives Raising Families With Jobs And Have No Time To Play Anymore. Since We Never Moved On To Call of Duty: World at War And Call of Duty 4 Has Been Out For Almost 2 Years, We Only Have A Handful That Stuck With Us, So I Figured I'd Recruit Again.

Simple Rules

1. We Do NOT*Tolerate Cheating. 2. We Do NOT*Tolerate Racial Slurs Or Derogatory Comments. 3. We Attend And Properly Communicate. 4. We Do NOT*Misrepresent Our Clan Name. 5. We Treat Our Opponents With Respect. 6. We Do NOT Team Kill. 7. You Must Be Mature.

"Those Who Deceive To Team Merk - Leave Redundant Footprints To Our Name But Soon Learn That They Have Left An Entity That Had Potential And The Ability To Uproot, But Those Who Do Well Amongst Us Observe The Life We Have And See How We Function... As Family"

If Interested In Joining Team Merk, Please Head To Team, Our Clan Messageboard And Register. After Registering, Scroll Down To The Call of Duty 4 Category And Click On "Want To Join our Clan" And Then "New Topic." After Doing This, Please Fill Out The Try Out Request Post It.

If You Have Any Questions,

Gamertag - ANYwhereBUThome AIM - ANYwhereBUThome0