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xXTremeMachines is Recruiting... XTM US Based Team Oriented Clan

xXTremeMachines {XTM} is looking to recruit members. We're looking for the following qualities... 1. Maturity (Not necessarily age, but mental maturity) 2. Willingness to participate in team play 3. Willingness to participate in team activities 4. Dedication What's Up with XTM? We are now officially now a Call of Duty 4 Clan, minoring in BF2142 and BF2. when it comes to how things are run. We're looking to have a good time, and it's important that all of our members do as well. We want active players. Your skill level is not as important as maturity. {XTM} is not the easiest squad to get into, but those who make it appreciate the challenges and enjoy being part of a worthwhile team. We have a lot of fun, we're challenged every day, and we get to blow things up along the way. We don't go for noobish behavior, and we look out for each other on the battlefield. If you're interested in applying for this clan, please visit our site at XTM Click the "Join Us" Button and complete the online application. If you're serious about joining a clan take the application part seriously. Otherwise you're wasting your own time, not ours. Hope to see you on the battlefield. {XTM} Glitch_N_Spaz