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[SIZE="7"]zPRO Clan[/SIZE] [SIZE="1"]By Haze/Frost | PC Leader[/SIZE]

[COLOR="White"]zPRO Stands for Zombie Pro[/COLOR]

Info On Us Down Bellow! --------------------------------------------------------------------- [COLOR="Black"]We Are A Call of Duty, And Modern Warfare Gaming Clan. We Take Guns and Ammo, To Explosions And Wins.[/COLOR] --------------------------------------------------------------------- [COLOR="Yellow"]How To Apply:[/COLOR] [COLOR="Lime"]1. Go to our Site: Zombie Pros 2. Ask To Join 3. Once you joined Register On Site[/COLOR] ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Must Be: Mature. Somebody that does not cause Drama. Must Have Any Call Of Duty Game, Or Modern Warfare Game.:cya: ------------------------------------------------------------------- Consoles and more: Clan Runs on: [Games] : Any Call Of Duty Game, And Modern Warfare Game. Clan Consoles: PC,PS3 ------------------------------------------------------------------ Anyone Can Join! We have a GFX Team. We Have Leaders [You Could Be A Leader To!] We Have Youtubes! [XXSoundWave] We Record Matches [PC,PS3] --------------------------------------------------------------- Contact us: Youtube: XXSoundWave Clan Site! Zombie Pros