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#1 9 years ago
MOD: AP Sniper STATUS: Under Development TEST SERVER:


Basically this started because i looked around for a decent sniper only mod for my sniper server and didn't find one that i liked, So decided to start making my own sniper mod. Once i am happy with it. I will release it to the public but i expect thats a good 2 to 4 weeks away from when i typed this ( 10/12/2009 )

There is a version running on my sniper server -, so feel free to join and check it out. Please remember that it is still under construction and is no where near feature complete at this point.

The mod will feature the usual sniper only stuff such as spawn protection, anti camp and sniper zoom. Of curse all these can be controlled via dvars as well as a lot of the other features. The mod has the WW2 sniper rifles ported in and a custom class menu. I will try and get the 3 remaining WW2 sniper rifles ported from COD WAW at some point


* WW2 sniper rifles from COD2 * zoom for all rifles * night and day settings * fog distance settings ( how far the players can see ) * custom welcome menu with server setup and rules ect ect * custom class menu that replaces the default class menu * custom client menu to change zoom settings and to switch from 3rd to 1st person * custom admin mneu ( admin GUID will be needed ) * mod is ranked but all weapons can be unlocked * head shot and killing spree sounds

for more info / server visit my website - www.abney-park.com