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13th January 2006

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[SIZE=20]Apesgorod – a corporate community mapping project.[/SIZE] It began as an idea at our round table and today – more than a half year later -becomes a reality. Our community mapping project “mp_apesgorod” is finally ready for release! As announced a couple of days ago, we have now finally fixed the last odds and ends so that at last we can launch our map to the CoD-Community! The day of the lauch the map will be available to play on the below servers FRIDAY NIGHT 20:00 European Time !! BE THERE ! Server 1: =>Map/Modgepfriemel<= by Nightwing/OlleOtze (Mod: ACE),Locatie Duitsland Server 2: wgs./Sterbehilfe|Mixed -PAM-,Locatie Duitsland Server 3: {BPU}Custom Only,Locatie Nederland,Amsterdam Server 4: RGN SEMPER FI AWE 4 Locatie USA,Florida Teamspeak: Black Monkeys (Mindestalter 18) Intro.jpg Our map plays in the fictitious russian border area apesgorod. The today autonomous region - once a part of the Soviet Union – is now dominated by separatists. They have established their headquarters in a disused factory site, sheltered by a montainous area and a flanking river. From there the group controls prospering dealings with modernized AK47 and oddments from the red army. In the meantime the separatists also dispose of substances for the production of chemical agents. And the worst case occured: a disastrous accident with those chemical substances contaminated the sorrounding area. To prevent a greater catastrophe, the Special Forces from the british elite troop SAS were assigned to recover the dangerous goods and smoke out the terrorists nest. Good Luck Buddy, you’ll need it! 0001.jpg The ample factory complex embraces typical halls, administrative buildings and a small railroad station, numerous pipelines and silos together with an usable container crane define the center of the enclosed site. Separated by a railway line underneath the factory lies a small village with datschas and a church. It is connected to the fabric by a clearly arranged tunnel system. Despite of the apparently very big dimensions of the map, the numerous well thought-out routes and spawns make sure that you quickly reach the hard-fought battlegrounds. 0002.jpg The map supports the standard gameplay-modi: DM, TDM, KOTH, DOM, SAB and SD as well as the AWE-modi like CTF, RE or CTFB. 0003.jpg We are very proud about the fact that the apesgorod is a result from the collaboration of several mapper, modder and skinner, who have created the whole map together as a team. It was not a jigsaw in which every single part was made by a different mapper and then simply put together. Contrariwise, everybody involved took over the scopes in which he could bring in his know-how at its best. Everything was conjointly discussed and implemented, whether it concerned buildings, paths, terrain, the interiors and lighting or different effects and scripts like the usable container crane on the factory site. 0004.jpg The people directly involved in our project are: Mapicted, Verni@hter, T.R. Graves, Toto, OLD MAN WITH GUN, Wally, OlleOtze aka Nightwing and Xiao. And not to forget many friends which helped us during development and actively supported us with several challenges we had to deal with. We would like to name exemplary our Stammtisch guests, who helped us during beta testing. A very special thankyou goes to Zeroy and Novemberdobby, who gave us idea and inspiration for the toxic area at the river and made a valuable contribution to its conversion with scripting material. 0005.jpg Everyone of the participants not only learned something in the course of our project but also had a lot of fun and further projects will definitely follow. 0006.jpg We hope that our apesgorod will please you and guarantee a lot of fun on your sercers, although our map does not claim to be perfect nor meet everyones taste.We thank you in advance for informing us about any bugs you may find, so that we are able to even increase our apesgorod. 0007.jpg Have fun and happy fragging! Visit us at BlackMonkeys 0008.jpg0009.jpg0010.jpg0011.jpg0012.jpg0013.jpg0014.jpg [/center]