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#1 8 years ago

I wanna make a grand new MP mod with custom weapons, player skins, and sounds.. So I'm asking about the sounds in this topic, how can I import sounds from the SP in the MP and make them work? For example the sound "Supressing fire" which I can't hear in the multiplayer, how can I import it and make it work? Please send a tutorial for that because I can't find out how can I make my mod.. And if someone wants to help me, please send me a message (I wanna make a reality mod where the Opfor and the Ultranationalists start with Russian weapons and the Marines, S.A.S start with Western weapons, want to add skins and a lot of sounds which I found in the SP) I can pay 30$ for a good modder that can help me to create mod like that, so please answer fast guys.. I'm waiting.