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#1 8 years ago

can someone please help me as i am stuck i have made a small map with radiant and i have the files after i compiled the map they are mp_hellgrave d3dbsp mp_hellgrave ff and the mp_hellgrave load ff also the gsc file and the csv file... the map works fine when i run it through the console command map mp_hellgrave i have my own server and i have looked at the files for modded maps and in the folder for example mp_test there is a load ff another ff file and a iwd file how is this iwd file created i was told you need pakscape to pack the file d3dbsp or do i need to do something else to convert this so i can put my map on my server also in the mod builder i have all the files checked and when i click on build i get

Errors: (!) UNRECOVERABLE ERROR: EXE_ERR_COULDNT_LOADmaps/mp_hellgrave.d3dbsp Arguments passed to linker: -language english -compress -cleanup mp_hellgrave

any sugestion i will be glad of the help thanks maximus