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#1 10 years ago

Hello everyone, I just have a quick question on how to archive a skin i have made for the P90 on COD4 - I have edited the P90's stock skin into a custom one and i understand that to archive it, i need to put the .iwd file into the 'Images' folder in the Mods folder of COD4 and open the MakeMod.bat file. However, when the batch file runs, it says that it cant 'create a file that already exists' (that being the 'z_mod..' RAR file in the Mod folder. If i remove this file from the folder, the batch file completes successfully but nothing new is made in the folder. Could anyone please help since I'm stuck on the last step :P EDIT: This problem is when im using Wilhelm's Tutorial by the way. Thanks a lot guys, AG :D