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#1 11 years ago

So my clan have recently decided they want grenades when not in match mode on call of duty 4's promod live... so i set about creating a custom public mode that has been built off of one of the existing IWD files.

When i come to upload the file on our server however the server wont start up. can anyone help ...

to help u help me :p im going to tell you what i did...

first of all i unzipped an existing IWD file (into the following directory: \z_custom_ruleset\promod_ruleset\custom_public the last part is the file name) and edited it in a different wordpad to what it came in when i had finished edited it looked like this (yup im going blue peter on u guys)

main() {

// Search & Destroy setDvar("scr_sd_roundlimit", "20"); setDvar("scr_sd_roundswitch", "10"); setDvar("scr_sd_scorelimit", "0");

// Team Deathmatch setDvar("scr_war_numlives", "0"); setDvar("scr_war_playerrespawndelay", "0"); setDvar("scr_war_roundlimit", "1"); setDvar("scr_war_scorelimit", "0"); setDvar("scr_war_timelimit", "33"); setDvar("scr_war_waverespawndelay", "0");

// Friendly Fire setDvar("scr_team_fftype", "0");

// Respawn setDvar("scr_player_forcerespawn", "1"); setDvar("scr_player_respawndelay", "0");

// Game Timers setDvar("scr_game_graceperiod", "30"); setDvar("scr_game_matchstarttime", "30"); setDvar("scr_game_playerwaittime", "30");

// Classes //////////////////////////////////////////// // // Assault Class Options setDvar("allies_allow_assault", "1"); setDvar("axis_allow_assault", "1");

setDvar("class_assault_allowdrop", "1"); setDvar("class_assault_camo", "camo_none"); setDvar("class_assault_frags", "1"); setDvar("class_assault_grenade", "smoke_grenade"); setDvar("class_assault_limit", "64"); setDvar("class_assault_primary", "ak47"); setDvar("class_assault_primary_attachment", "none"); setDvar("class_assault_secondary", "deserteagle"); setDvar("class_assault_secondary_attachment", "none"); setDvar("class_assault_special", "1");

// Weapons setDvar("weap_allow_ak47", "1"); setDvar("weap_allow_g3", "1"); setDvar("weap_allow_g36c", "1"); setDvar("weap_allow_m14", "1"); setDvar("weap_allow_m16", "1"); setDvar("weap_allow_m4", "1"); setDvar("weap_allow_mp44", "1");

// Attachments setDvar("attach_allow_assault_silencer", "1"); //////////////////////////////////////////// // // Demolitions Class Options setDvar("allies_allow_demolitions", "1"); setDvar("axis_allow_demolitions", "1");

setDvar("class_demolitions_allowdrop", "0"); setDvar("class_demolitions_camo", "camo_none"); setDvar("class_demolitions_frags", "1"); setDvar("class_demolitions_grenade", "smoke_grenade"); setDvar("class_demolitions_limit", "1"); setDvar("class_demolitions_primary", "winchester1200"); setDvar("class_demolitions_primary_attachment", "none"); setDvar("class_demolitions_secondary", "deserteagle"); setDvar("class_demolitions_secondary_attachment", "none"); setDvar("class_demolitions_special", "1");

// Weapons setDvar("weap_allow_m1014", "1"); setDvar("weap_allow_winchester1200", "1");

// Sniper Class Options setDvar("allies_allow_sniper", "1"); setDvar("axis_allow_sniper", "1");

setDvar("class_sniper_allowdrop", "0"); setDvar("class_sniper_camo", "camo_none"); setDvar("class_sniper_frags", "1"); setDvar("class_sniper_grenade", "smoke_grenade"); setDvar("class_sniper_limit", "64"); setDvar("class_sniper_primary", "m40a3"); setDvar("class_sniper_primary_attachment", "none"); setDvar("class_sniper_secondary", "deserteagle"); setDvar("class_sniper_secondary_attachment", "none"); setDvar("class_sniper_special", "1");

// Weapons setDvar("weap_allow_m40a3", "1"); setDvar("weap_allow_remington700", "1");

// Attachments setDvar("attach_allow_sniper_none", "1");

//////////////////////////////////////////// // // SpecOps Class Options setDvar("allies_allow_specops", "1"); setDvar("axis_allow_specops", "1");

setDvar("class_specops_allowdrop", "1"); setDvar("class_specops_camo", "camo_none"); setDvar("class_specops_frags", "1"); setDvar("class_specops_grenade", "smoke_grenade"); setDvar("class_specops_limit", "64"); setDvar("class_specops_primary", "ak74u"); setDvar("class_specops_primary_attachment", "none"); setDvar("class_specops_secondary", "deserteagle"); setDvar("class_specops_secondary_attachment", "none"); setDvar("class_specops_special", "1");

// Weapons setDvar("weap_allow_ak74u", "1"); setDvar("weap_allow_mp5", "1"); setDvar("weap_allow_uzi", "1");

// Attachments setDvar("attach_allow_smg_none", "1"); setDvar("attach_allow_smg_silencer", "1");

//////////////////////////////////////////// // // Other Weapons

// Pistols setDvar("weap_allow_beretta", "1"); setDvar("weap_allow_colt45", "1"); setDvar("weap_allow_deserteagle", "1"); setDvar("weap_allow_deserteaglegold", "1"); setDvar("weap_allow_usp", "1"); // Attachments setDvar("attach_allow_pistol_none", "1"); setDvar("attach_allow_pistol_silencer", "1");

// Other nades setDvar("weap_allow_flash_grenade", "1"); setDvar("weap_allow_frag_grenade", "1"); setDvar("weap_allow_smoke_grenade", "1");

// Smoke setDvar("scr_weapon_allowsmoke", "1");

// Logging setDvar("logfile", "1"); setDvar("g_log", "games_mp.log"); setDvar("g_logSync", "2"); setDvar("loc_warnings", "0");

// Voting setDvar("g_allowVote", "0"); setDvar("g_voteAbstainWeight", "0.5"); setDvar("g_oldVoting", "1"); // Unknown what it does, but obviously goes here

// Anti-Lag efforts setDvar("g_antilag", "0"); // in testing setDvar("g_smoothClients", "1");

// Other setDvar("sv_fps", "30"); // in testing setDvar("scr_teambalance", "0"); setDvar("scr_game_allowkillcam", "0"); setDvar("public_mode", "1" ); }

does anyone see any problems with that?? if so say if thats the problem...

I then saved the wordpad file as custom_public.gsc which is the same name as the file that was unzipped i then deleted the file that was unzipped in the first place. in the same folder on my computer i replaced the old file with my new edited file so that i could then

after saving the file i then wanted to zip it back up into an IWD file so i used winrar again to zip it back up and i changed the .zip to .iwd before it got zipped.

at the end the zipped file is this z_custom_ruleset.iwd

so there are two folders in the zip file untill you get to the custom_public.gsc file.....

i then uploaded the .iwd file to the server and put it in the promod live folder and then i entered the /set promod_mode custom_public into the start up script as i usually do.... and then thats the last step so i started the server however i could not join it as it would not start up...

please help....