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#1 10 years ago

Guys, there's 2 ways of changing players skins on MP: 1) Change the skin, and archive back to the main .iwd the skins 2) Make new skins archive to .iwi in DTX5+mipmaps and then archive to z_mode.iwd with ModMake.bat First is works for me on unranked servers, but its ridicilous to share 160mb with people... Second won't work.. when i run my server (dedicated), the console says: ------ Server Initialization ------ Server: mp_crossfire ----- FS_Startup ----- WARNING: Invalid IWD zzz_Custards_skin.iwd in \main. WARNING: Invalid IWD z_idf.iwd in \main. and loads the server WITHOUT the mods. How can i fix it? ;( i need to share only small fixed files, not the whole package..